No.10 Bagasse Burger Meal Box 200pcs Carton

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This carton of 200 No.10 Bagasse Burger Meal Boxes is perfect for any restaurant or food service establishment that wants to offer an eco-friendly option for their customers. Eco-Friendly: Made from bagasse, a sustainable and renewable resource, these burger boxes are fully compostable and biodegradable. Durable: These boxes are sturdy enough to hold even the juiciest of burgers without leaking or falling apart. Convenient: The No.10 size is perfect for a burger meal with sides, ensuring that all components can fit comfortably in the box. Your customers will appreciate your commitment to sustainability while enjoying their delicious meal in a durable and convenient container. Order your carton of 200 No.10 Bagasse Burger Meal Boxes today!

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Brand Bagasse Burger Box
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